Certaintio is
sovereign identity
for the enterprise.

Certaintio™ provides everyone with their own
sovereign identity, providing permanent
records without vulnerable databases.
Integrates easily with all IAM systems.

Blockchain-based Distributed Identity™

Hardened. Private. Permanent.

Every day there are billions of sign-ins to company networks, web portals, mobile applications, SaaS applications and file storage. In each case users create an identity and share personal and company information. These identities are stored in a database which represents a single point-of-failure when attacked. A successful breach can result in vast numbers of identities being compromised, and millions of dollars to recover from.

Unlike traditional solutions, Certaintio uses Distributed Identity™ to secure individuals, eliminating breaches and identity theft from an enterprise attack. Certaintio turns an individuals device into a sovereign identity card, securing all of their personal information under their control. This identity cannot be stolen, eliminates passwords of any kind, and works directly with existing enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems. Users can allow identities to be created for services such as banking, citizenship or medical records, as needed.

Certaintio registers encrypted and anonymous identity claims on the blockchain to ensure that only valid and current information is transferred.


The Death Of Passwords™

Despite your best efforts passwords are the weakest point of failure in your infrastructure. Certaintio's digital identities eliminate the threat of a material breach using device-based keys that can only be accessed by the user and don't transfer any information to gain access to systems.

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Easy to issue

Enterprises act as issuing authorities. Certaintio provides customers with web-based issuing tools to grant employees, customers or suppliers unique identities and to register affiliations on the blockchain.

Lifetime ownership

Employees own and maintain their personal identities for life. As new claims are posted to the blockchain, their identity becomes more widely accepted and more trusted. They control when and where their identity is used to connect to other systems that accept Certaintio identity.

Extended-factor authentication

Certaintio supports the major biometric authentication vendors including Nuance, Applied Recognition, Key Lemon, Amazon, Cognitec and others.

Eliminates single point of identity failure

Instead of 10,000 employees, vendors and customers logging into a single authentication point, each user acts as their own portal leaving hackers without a path to the cloud-based database. Blockchain data is encrypted and keys and identity data are bound to the users device.

Simple pricing

Certaintio charges only for the number of active identities during a given month. There is no cost to issue identities or for individuals to own and maintain one.

We offer a free tier for less than 10 users and subscription pricing based on volume and length of subscription. All subscriptions come with a 30-day trial period. You can obtain a no-obligation quote using the buy button below.


Because Certaintio operates using established standards, installation is easy. We support all major brands of Identity And Access Management (IAM) solutions, HRIS solutions and mobile and desktop operating systems.

We offer many different authentication factors and specific requirements can be incorporated. Standard offerings include voice, fingerprint, and facial recognition.

Blockchain Ledger

Certaintio registers encrypted and anonymous identity claims on the blockchain to ensure that only valid and current information is transferred. Personal identity information only exists on the owners device who retains complete control over information sharing.

Certaintio is a member of the IBM Blockchain Platform, the only fully integrated enterprise-ready blockchain platform designed for the governance and operation of a multi-institution business network.

Go on, try it.

Certaintio doesn't replace your IAM investment — it places a layer of blockchain-based identity security on top of it managed from the users device(s). Purchase Certaintio with a free 30-day trial by pressing the button below. You can also speak with one of our representatives by calling
+1 781-492-0336.

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